Could Implants Enhance Your Bridge or Denture?

Modern dental bridges and dentures can often offer highly lifelike results in helping patients rebuild their smiles after experiencing tooth loss. Made from realistic-looking materials, such as customizable dental porcelain, and designed to closely mimic the size and shape of your healthy, natural teeth, the right dental bridge or denture can make your smile look like new again. However, there is still room to enhance the functionality and biocompatibility of modern bridges and dentures – mainly, by giving them dental implants to mimic the support of your healthy, natural teeth roots.

What dental implants add to your restoration

Dental implants are unique when it comes to tooth replacement. While dental bridges, partials, and full dentures focus mainly on replicating the visible crowns of your lost teeth, dental implants are small posts that are designed to function like your natural teeth roots. When dental implants are placed within your jawbone, the bone structure fuses to them, creating root-like anchors that your dentist can secure your dental restoration to. This gives your dental bridge or denture a greater level of support as you bite and chew, and can have several important advantages for both your immediate and long-term oral health.

How your restoration performs with better support

The supportive system that your replacement teeth rely on impacts every aspect of its overall comfort and function. When that system consists of one or more root-like dental implant posts, for example, your restoration will be anchored to your dental ridge in a manner that’s similar to how your healthy teeth roots anchor your natural teeth. In an immediate sense, you can notice the improved support when you bite and chew your food, speak, or smile, as your restoration won’t have the risk of shifting or moving uncomfortably.

What happens to the rest of your oral structures?

For dental implants to successfully mimic the support of healthy teeth roots, they must be placed strategically within your jawbone. Consequently, dental implants not only support your restoration more securely, but also interact with the bone structure of your dental ridge in the same way as your natural teeth roots. For example, whenever you bite and chew with your restoration, the pressure of the action will stimulate the implant posts that support it, which is a key aspect of preserving the health and integrity of your jawbone and other oral structures.

Learn how implants can enhance your restoration

Even modern dental bridges and dentures can be enhanced further with the help of root-like dental implant posts. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 441-4600.