What Dental Implants Accomplish for Your Smile

There are several different factors that go into restoring your smile after you’ve experienced tooth loss. That’s because the loss of your tooth or teeth has several different consequences for your oral health, and restoring your smile can mean addressing as many of them as possible. Conventional bridges and dentures are limited in this ability because they aren’t able to replace the roots of your lost teeth, or mimic the support that they provide. Fortunately, dental implants can accomplish the level of stability that your dental restoration needs to fully reestablish the functions of your lost teeth.

Giving your smile its confidence back

The impact that one or more missing teeth can have on your smile’s appearance can sometimes seem like the greatest consequence of it. While it might not have the most devastating effects on your oral health, this effect on your smile’s appearance can have a serious impact on your self-confidence. In fact, it’s often the most common reason people choose to replace their lost teeth. Dental implants can offer a dental bridge or denture several different advantages by providing it with lifelike, prosthetic roots. This makes the restoration more stable and secure along your dental ridge, which improves your confidence in its ability to mimic your healthy, natural teeth.

Restoring the balance and function of your bite

Next to the appearance of your smile, the way your bite feels when you bite and chew with your restoration is among the more noticeable impacts of your tooth replacement. With dental implants, your bridge or denture is anchored to your dental ridge in a similar way to your healthy teeth and their roots. This enables the restoration to absorb more of your bite’s pressure, and in turn, do a better job of reestablishing your bite’s proper balance and full function.

Taking over the roles of your healthy teeth

Biting and chewing your food are the most obvious functions of your healthy, natural teeth, and dental implants can improve your restoration’s ability to reestablish this function. By mimicking healthy teeth roots, dental implant posts are able to restore the functions of your lost teeth roots, which include supporting your teeth as well as stimulating your jawbone structure. The loss of this stimulation can result in many of the most severe consequences of tooth loss, and only dental implants are able to save your smile from them by returning this vital stimulation to your dental ridge.

Learn how dental implants can save your smile

Your healthy, natural teeth rely heavily on their roots, and dental implants can give your dental restoration a similar level of support. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling the Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 441-4600.