Implants & Partials

Dental Implants and Partial Dentures

The more teeth you lose, the more profound the effects can be on your oral and overall health. Replacing multiple lost teeth is more complex than replacing a single tooth, but with dental implants, the process and results are highly successful. A partial denture is designed to replace several lost teeth, even if they are not adjacent to one another, while preserving and supporting the healthy teeth that remain. With the support of dental implants, a partial denture can fit more comfortably and securely among your healthy, natural teeth.

Multiple tooth loss compounds the effects of missing teeth on your smile, including the gradual loss of jawbone structure resulting from the absent roots. By combining a partial denture with a series of dental implants, Dr. Richards can help you preserve your long-term oral health, while restoring the function and appearance of your smile.

The Benefits of Implants and Partials

Partial dentures inherently offer a number of benefits for patients who’ve lost multiple teeth but still retain several of their healthy, natural ones. Unlike complete dentures, which replace an entire row of lost teeth, and dental bridges, which only replace two or three adjacent teeth, implant-supported partials can address a variety of complex tooth loss patterns.

Given their versatility, partial dentures are often the optimal answer for replacing lost teeth, and the addition of dental implants makes them an even more comprehensive solution. For instance, reestablishing root stimulation within your jawbone helps prevent jawbone resorption, which in turn reduces your risks of losing more teeth and requiring a full denture in the future.