Implants & Crowns

Dental Implants and Crowns

Their unique design and application make dental implants one of the most versatile tooth replacement options. For instance, if you’ve only lost a single tooth, then Dr. Richards may suggest a lifelike prosthetic crown supported by a single implant post. Together, a dental implant and crown mimic the root-and-crown structure of a healthy, natural tooth. Unlike a dental bridge, which relies on the support of nearby abutment teeth, an implant and crown combination offers a highly realistic, self-supporting replica of your lost tooth.

In addition to filling out your smile, an implant and crown also help prevent the continuing damage of tooth loss. The replacement crown will stop neighboring teeth from shifting, and the implant post will help prevent jawbone resorption around the socket of the tooth.

The Benefits of an Implant and Crown

When placed on top of an implanted post, a dental crown (or any dental prosthesis) is as secure as your healthy teeth situated on their natural roots. This comfort and stability means that your implant and crown will feel as natural as your healthy teeth, which equates to greater confidence in your newly restored smile. Because your replacement tooth doesn’t rely on nearby teeth for support, as a conventional bridge does, an implant and crown also helps you preserve all of the natural tooth structure that you still retain.

With proper care and maintenance, your dental implant post can last for life, even if your custom crown wears down or is damaged after years of use. Dr. Richards can fashion a new crown, if necessary, and place it on the same implant post, simplifying the process so you spend less time in the office and more time enjoying your beautiful smile.