What Is a Dental Implant Doing for Your Mouth?

Dental implants are the most comprehensive way to address tooth loss. Losing a tooth can be a traumatizing experience, and it can have a negative impact on your long-term oral health. It’s important to replace your missing tooth quickly to avoid these consequences. Because of their structure and makeup, dental implants offer advantages that other dental prosthetics simply do not. What exactly is a dental implant doing for your mouth? Here are some of the major benefits that you can expect from this type of dental prosthetic.

Dental Implants Recreate Tooth Root Structure

When you lose a tooth, you lose more than a chewing surface and a part of your smile; you also lose the root structure that gives your tooth integrity and durability. The roots of your tooth extend beneath the surface of the gums and into your jawbone. When that root structure is removed, a surface prosthetic won’t give you the same stability as your natural tooth. A dental implant is surgically set in your jawbone. Once it heals, it can give you the same level of stability and confidence in your bite as a natural tooth.

Dental Implants Stabilize Your Jawbone

It’s not just the benefit of having a stable tooth replacement that dental implants provide. Dental implants are also strengthening your jawbone. Your jaw needs the structure and alignment of your full set of teeth to hold one another in place. Missing teeth can cause your jawbone to weaken over time and lose its structural integrity. Dental implants completely replace the structure of that missing tooth and can keep your jawbone vital and stable over time. Other prosthetic options don’t have the same effect.

Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

In addition to all of the added benefits of choosing dental implants, you’re also replacing your missing tooth! Missing teeth can cause you to feel uncomfortable in social situations. You may be less inclined to share your smile in public settings, and you may shy away from professional interactions. A dental implant replaces that missing tooth, and it gives you a replacement that inspires confidence. In addition to smiling, your dental implants will also help you chew with comfort and ease. You won’t have to avoid certain foods or worry about meals due to your fragile teeth.

Learn About Dental Implants from The Dental Centre of Conroe

If you have suffered from tooth loss, it’s time to explore your options for dental implants. Implants effectively replace missing teeth in a durable, comfortable way. At The Dental Centre of Conroe, we provide lifelike replacements for your missing teeth. Learn more by calling the office at 936-441-4600 and scheduling a consultation at The Dental Centre of Conroe in Conroe, TX.